Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Hey, How is it going Mom? Well things here are going good, me and my new companion are getting along great we are working really hard its great for sure! hHis name is Elder Quirino from Brazil, he is a awesome kid! I love him for sure we work great together he is from Sal Palo, he taught me how to make the best rice and beans its so good man I am hooked! We have been finding a lot of new people to work with which has been great for sure. We are working with some good people we didn't have any baptisms this last week but here really soon we should be having some baptisms. My finger is fine it was not broke or fractured but it was pretty nasty for sure the color is almost gone its still sore but it will be healed in a couple weeks. I took a lot of pictures of it so you can see for your self. I still haven't been able to find my battery charger for my camera I have been looking for it for like 3 weeks. If you have a extra one at home, could you send me one? I know as soon as you send one, I will find the one I am looking for... Well you asked for a spirititual experince.... we got out to knock on some doors we have a zone goal we set that before we get out of the car to knock or to teach a lesson we sing a hymn and say a prayer but we be have to be spacific in our prayers. When we prayed we asked to find 2 people to teach for new investigators and the first 2 people we talked to we taught lessons to both of them and got 2 new investigators! We are going back to teach them both so that was really cool for sure. We are having a lot of changes in the mission we are going to be switching P-Days from Wednesdays to Mondays next month the day before Logan goes home July 20th, also there making 3 different zone conferences now instead of 2 so it is kinda different. President is making a lot of changes in the misison, which is fine. I hope that you guys are taking lots of pictures and videos. Mom your new car is nice, I loved your jeep,but the new one is okay, if you like it! How is work going for you? And Dad? Tell Dad, I want a letter I have wrote him twice and he hasn't written me. I will keep Grandma in my prayers for sure! I wish they had the gospel in there lives it would make them so much more happy! It is crazy how much the gospel changes peoples lives for the better, I see it everyday for sure. Everything is going good for me, I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything you do for me! I couldn't never ask for better parents!
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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