Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Hello, How is it going? Things are really good here Mom and Dad! We have been having lots of success we have been working like crazy thats for sure. We have mission standards and this week was my first time I have hit all the mission goals. Which are 20 lessons a week 7 hours of finding as in knocking on doors and 5 member presents we had all of those this week. We also had 4 people at church and 5 new investigators which is great. We are seeing tons of miracles everyday. Just yesterday we went and knocked for about 2 hours and we taught a girl out on her porch gave her a BOM and we are going back on Friday, then on the same street we taught 2 more young women they want to feed us and learn more. Then later in the same day we taught a brother and sister on their door step which we are also going back to see them on Friday. We are working this family with a Mom and her 2 daughters. We commited 2 to baptism the other day so if it all works out we could have 5 baptisms on the 14 of June. Things are going really well for us as of now. My companion and I are getting along great. I told you I am losing some weight well this is the lightest I have been my whole mission I am down to *** and I am trying to get down to at least 180 but hopefully 170 I should be decent looking then I won't be so fat that is for sure. I am going to write you guys a letter today. Remember to make some videos I love them so make a lot please that would be really cool. I am so glad I have great parents who love me and support me in all that I do that is for sure. I hope you guys havea great week I know weaare going to have a great week because I am a missionary! The mission is so great, I am learning so much each day. Tell Dad he needs to send me a letter, I am sending him a letter today as well. You guys rock.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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