Monday, July 20th, 2009

Well things are great here, though I am really sad. My companion is leaving he was only in the area one transfer iI am staying at least one more transfer which will be pretty good. I am really going to miss him he was such a stud and we got along great he was probably my favorite companion he was really great we never argued never got mad at each other or anything. I think he is going to be a Portugese ZL they got rid of the spanish ZL in Newark and I am pretty sure thats where he is going. I will be going to transfer conference on Wednesday to get another new companion but it will all work out I am sure. Today we went and played sports and hung out so we were kinda late on emailing but its all good. I sent Dad a letter and also one for you with the news letter it should be there any day. So Nate Cleverly talked to you man that one is really weird. Make sure you record Logan's homecoming talk and be sure to tell everyone to say hello to me on the recorder. I will be sending a memory card home soon so don't worry I won't hold out on you guys. Well Sakinah has been doing alright she is still coming to church so hopefully here soon she will get baptised. No I never found my charger I amsure I will find it soon. I have a another question my companion that is leaving Elder Quirino from Brazil, do you think you could send him a package with some things he has never recieved a package, his family is too poor to send anything to him he gets letters like 1 every 3 weeks he would love that you could just send it to the office like you do mine but with his name on it that would be so sweet I don't know if you can do that also maybe like a gift card or 2 and maybe like a volcom shirt? Things like that in Brazil are crazy expensive he said like a volcom tshirt in Brazil is like 80 bucks. I just know would really love that,I know it would make his day. I wont tell him either just anything he would really enjoy it I promise. He wears a medium size shirt? I love you for sure you guys are the best.! Have a great week!
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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Stephanie said...

okay! that made me cry. what a sweet son you have. asking nothing for himself - thinking only of his companion/friend.

these boys are growing up.