Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Well its been a great week we are working hard doing the best we can. I am pretty sure I will stay at least one more transfer here. I am hoping so me, my companion and I are working great together so we shall see. We had exchanges with the assignments yestersday and they asked us what should go on with transfers and we told them of course we wanted to stay together so we will see. I am sure im staying in Irvinington. Sakinah is still coming to church she came last week she is just not 100 percent ready yet but I am sure that it will be soon cause she is really prepared so it will all work out. Well about the Jones's coming out that would be great that would be really cool for sure, well anyone from AZ would be great of course. Things are going great. Thanks for the pictures of my car they were great for sure. I just wasn't sure I hadn't seen any pictures of it my whole mission thats why I was curios how it was doing? Well lets see Logan goes home in 8 days thats pretty crazy for sure. I bet he is pretty excited. I have 8 months left so I will be home really soon as well so its kinda crazy how the time flys by but i am really enjoying it for sure. Really not much new going on here. No I haven't heard anything from Morgan tell him to write me. I want to hear from him that would be really sweet tell him to email me please. Well about some photos I am trying to decide if i should let you guys see them I want to get home so you guys won't know who I am that would be pretty cool. The other day we went to a stake priesthood meeting and the Scotch Plains members were there, and everyone that saw me said I was looking great this one member ignored me, then one of the youth saw me and I was like what the heck Anthony? Then he was like holy cow Wells, I didn't even reconize you then he gave me a big hug it was pretty cool for sure. Things are good so far but like you said this Monday I will be emailing you cause that will be our p-day from now on which will be a little weird but I am sure it will be okay. Thanks for the pictures of Tristan and my car. I love you guys I hope you have a great week ,try to stay cool! I hope to hear from you on next Monday.
Love, Elder Colten Wells

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