Monday, October 12th, 2009
Hi Mom! Well it was another great week here in New Jersey, we are really working a ton with the members to have them help us out but as well reactivate some
people we have a family coming back to church that hasnt been in a couple of
years so thats good but we really have a great ward. No I haven't had to speak in
the ward its huge so I probably won't have to because they have plenty of
other people to speak. Oh, I don't know if I am getting transferd I am guessing
not but transfers are 2 days later cause president is at a mission
presidents seminar so transfers are Friday. I am guessing I am staying because I
just got here. We normally find out on Saturday night like a couple
nights ago but we don't know when there going to tell us now so we will see I
just hope I stay for atleast 6 more weeks my companion is great for sure.
Oh,well lets see you wanted to know about a family in the ward? Well there is the
Alexanders they are one of my favorite people in my whole mission great
people they buy us groceries every now and then a feed us all the time. They are
super sweet people for sure! There is also another family the Cook's they are way
awesome as well they are really cool people I did get some pictures with them so
you know who they are so you can put some names with some faces. Things
are really good I will try and write a letter today to you so you will have one
soon. The weather is getting pretty cold a couple of nights its been in the 30's or so at night which is pretty cold. We ran 5.1 miles the other day so that was really cool well. I love you tons! Things are going ok here for me. I love you! Please tell everyone I say hello. Love, Elder Colten WElls

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