Monday, October 26th, 2009
Hey what is going on Mom? Well things are going alright here. Me and my
companion are getting along just fine. He is a great missionany, he worked but wasn't really going to church or anything like that so its pretty cool that he made it a goal and is serving a mission he is a really good guy. Well today is my 19 month mark is that crazy or what? I think that is pretty insane. When I hit 20 months its all down hill from there for sure then I will pretty much be home that is how fast time goes. Sounds like you have been super busy with so many things thats crazy that you don't have much time for your self it seems. That is pretty sad that Matt's Mom passed away that wasn't very expected was it? Well too bad that they don't have a better understanding of the gospel cause if they did it would be alot
easier, but it is there choice. It is so good to hear that your going to the
temple alot thats always a good thing. I am sorry that you haven't seen the
kids since May but don't feel too bad I haven't seen anyone for the last 19
months and I have 5 more to go so it is all good. I can't wait till I get to
see everyone that will be so amazing! The trunk or treat at church sounded fun, so glad that Tristan went with you. All of us missionaries have to be in at dark on the 30th and 31st again just like last year so it should be a fun one again. Well if your patient I am sure you will find the right house that you need. I am sorry I am
bad about the whole picture thing but I will try and send some soon, okay? I
have been slacking! Today was a really short pday we helped some investigators
put up a fence this morning so that took up most of our day that is why I am
emailing so late it was their only day they could do it. But it is all good it
was fun and we helped alot. Oh to answer a couple of your questions, yes I did get
the pictures thanks so much. Yes, Jayson can borrow my car as long
as there is insurance on it. Well thanks so much for everything I love you tons and miss you! Elder Colten Wells

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