Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Hey, what is going on Mom? Today we did a mission hike it was pretty cool! We just got back it was about 3.5 or 4 mile hike it was really fun got to hang out with all my buddies so it was really fun. It was another good week here for sure the weather has just been rainy all the time thats like all it does anymore is just rains it kinda stinks but its all good at the same time for sure. Well lets see I did get your halloween card and gift card thanks for that! I appreciated it for sure! Oh,wow you mentioned Wings Express, man I really miss good wings there is hardly no such things as wings out here, but its ok I can wait a little longer. Well it seems like Logan is quite the little traveler. Did Daniel Mcrae serve a mission or what just curious? On a side note I think my desert schools card expires in Jan? So just a heads up on that so I am not without a card I guess that is right around the corner so thought I would let you know about that. Well I am glad that you have been able to be patient in searching for a house, that a good thing for sure! I love Ether 12 it is all about faith its a great one. Well continue to be examples to those that are around you.Keep living the gospel thats all we can do and endure to the end! Well thats cool that you went trick or treating with Tristan, thats way cool. Did Jay and Tina take my car to Colorado? Just wondering. You asked what I have learned on my mission? Well I have learned to be a strong member of the church. I have gained a stong testimony of the power of prayer so thats always good, I have learned to trust in the savior and his atonment in my life and I have learned to love everyone to have the pure love of christ. There is so many things to name but I really have learned alot on the mission. My testimony has grown so much I know so much more than I did before its crazy how things work on a mission. I am truly grateful that I was able to serve a mission its amazing out here! I really love it I am learning so much everyday! Well Mom I appreciate everything that you do for me I love you tons! I am glad that your my Mom! I love you take care, I hope that you have a good week!
Love Always your son, Elder Colten Wells

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