October 5th, 2009
Hello, how is everyone? What is going on Mom? Well things here are going ok.I have been pretty sick for the last couple of days but I am starting to feel
better. We are working with some good people not really any that
are going to be baptised, but hopefully really soon.
General Conference was great for sure the next one I will be home though so that is way cool I guess,I am just trying to make my time count that is for sure! Well thanks so much for all the stuff, the cookies were great and I loved them!
Hoe is Logan doing? Tell him to write me next week. Also tell Kendra
"hello" for me. I am tired so I will be going home to take a nap this afternoon.
My comp and I are still getting along great so thats good. We haven't
ran in a couple days cause I haven't felt like it cause I have felt like crap.
But hopefully I can start running again in a couple days. I hope your having a good week cause I know I will have a good one! I will look forward to your letter next week! Ask some questions so I can give you some answers. Until next week, I love you tons.

Love, Elder Colten Wells

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