Monday, November 9th, 2009

Hello! How is everything going? Well it actually hasn't been to bad at all I am staying pretty warm it is not to cold right now but here really shortly its going to get much colder I am sure. Sorry I haven't sent any pictures in awhile,I will print some pictures off today and send them to you. We just got done moving some Elders in our zone apartments so we are just getting to email and not only that we still have to shop and do our laundry so it going to be busy the rest of the day. Well I am glad that you found a house to move into thats a good thing because you were patient. I still have 4 months till I come home so thats still a while to think about what I want to do when I get home. What is going on with Logan? I always pray for our whole family each and every one of them everyday! I haven't forgot your cell phone number.But send me your new address. Well I love you tons, Thanks for all you do I really appreciate it! It was a great week here we have been working really hard trying to find new people to teach. Till next week,
Elder Colten Wells

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