Monday, November 16th, 2009
Hey, what is going on Mom? Things are going okay here not to bad at all thats for sure. Yes, I sent the shoes off today I also got the fax thanks so much, I gave them my email address so I won't really know until next week when I eamil unless they call you. Well it actually hasn't been bad the last 2 days it has its spells it gets really cold then cools down again the wind chill has been really cold thats for sure it will say like 45 and it will be like 30 its pretty crazy how bone chilling it is. It amazes me but I am staying warm as of now not to bad. I have kinda heard the word on the street about them going to Colorado. I guess Dad wants to open a wing place restrauant. Just like you said you need to focus on the positive things in life I know it must be tough, but get on your hands and knees and plead with our father in heaven in the name of christ ask for guidence and direction. I know he will help you with what ever you may need! In Mormon 9:21 he will answer as long as we have faith no wavering it is a promise that he will answer our prayers. Yes, mission interviews went great, yes Pres. Bahr is a super awesome guy, I love him and his great leadership! Oh so sorry about the photos we have been so busy lately, its been crazy I promise I wrote you a letter this morning so I hope you get it soon! Sorrry I have been a bad son in the photo department. I love you so much Mom. Thanks for all your prayers, and support, I feel your love for sure! Keep me up to date on everything!

Love, Elder Colten Wells

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