Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Hello, well it has been a pretty good week. The other Elders in our ward had 2 baptisams yesterday which is always good they were really great the spirit was really strong there. Well like I said we have transfers coming up on Wednesday, but I really don't know whats going on with those. I guess soon enough who knows? Well lets see we have been focusing on finding new people to teach we have found some pretty good people to teach so far which is always good. It is starting to get pretty cold which is always good but bad casue its gets really cold you know but it all good cause it is my last winter then I am home! The ward here is so amazing I really enjoy the people here, they are really nice just amazing people for sure in this ward. I am glad you got the couple of pictures I sent. Oh, if possible I could use some razors just like a 3 pack cause they will last me the rest of my mission. Well I am glad that your doing well. I do love you tons Mom, I hope everything continues to go well with you and I hope the move goes ok. I am glad Logan is staying to help you move thats good. Have a good week and have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Your son Elder Wells

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