Monday, November 30th, 2009

Hey, what is going on Mom? Well things are good here,I just found out that I am staying in the area for another transfer, so I will be here till January 6th. This has been the best ward ever the people here are so amazing so I am glad I will be here for the holidays. There is no other place to be in this mission at this time so it is great! Well hopefully I get the package today that would be really sweet. Well what else is new with you? Things are going good here, as usual I am just working really hard. We had a great Thanksgiving, we had 4 thanksgiving dinners from Wednesday to Saturday, I am sick of thanksgiving food right now. How was your dinner? Where did you eat at and with who? I have the same companion which is great we get along really well so thats good. I am so glad that the Elders Quroum and the Allen's were able to help you move. Did Logan leave for Colorado? How is he doing? Well there is not too much new going on here, just the same old missionary work which is good of course. Time just keeps ticking away really fast so I am just trying to work as hard as possible till I go home. Well tell me whats else is new with you and whats going on. I love you tons I hope everything is going well! I can't wait to see you... It is not that much longer thats for sure! I hope you have a great week!

Love, Edler Colten Wells

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